James River Presbytery has boundaries reaching from the edge of the Tidewater region on the East to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the West. From the hills and farmlands of Fredericksburg and King George County on the north to the beautiful farmlands of southern Virginia to the northeastern tip of North Carolina on the South.

Originally named Mid-Atlantic Presbytery in 1973 the boundaries of the presbytery encompassed all of North Carolina north to Maine, west to West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Since then many presbyteries were formed from this presbytery. In 1982 at the joining and receiving of the Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod, the presbytery was again divided and renamed the James River Presbytery. Our latest division was in 2002 when four of our churches were transferred to the newly created Blue Ridge Presbytery. In 2007 the southern boundary was extended into North Carolina to include all or part of nine counties with strong social and geographic ties to the southeastern cities in Tidewater Virginia. In 2013, the Tidewater Churches were transferred to the newly formed Tidewater Presbytery.

The presbytery now consists of twenty-one organized churches and mission churches as well as RUF ministries at Virginia Commonwealth University and James Madison University. The Lord, in His kind Providence, has continued to expand the reach of the Gospel through the ministry of our Churches and we look forward to seeing what He will do in the future advance of the Gospel through the ministry of our Church.